SARGE 0.1.8 Released

OK I just uploaded v. 0.1.8 which includes a few bug fixes, terrain shadows, and most importantly the Canesta range camera on the ATRVJr. It is deactivated by default because it uses a ton of bandwidth. Also get SARGEController 1.5 which includes functions to use the Canesta sensor.

Now with 100% more Packbot!

Thats right, the Packbot will be included in the next release of SARGE.

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One More Thing...

SARGE can handle well over 30 robots, remotely controlled, simultaneously.  In the screen shot here I'm running 30 ATRV-Jr.'s following a waypoint trail. They look like ants from up here.


New "Holodeck" Level

I've been wanting to do this for a while so yesterday I whipped up a level that looks like the ST:TNG holodeck.... only huge (100m x 100m x 100m). It is available on the SourceForge downloads page along with the updated source files.  The ATRVJr takes network commands and sends back GPS, SICK, Compass, and IMU data. Connect via TCP on port 9349.


Spinny Laser

The simulated spinning laser is now working quite well.  I've improved the speed of SARGE when using it quite a bit now, though I'm not done exploring a few more optimization options.  Anyway here's a screenshot.  I'll post a new project file with these enhancements soon as well as the visualization tools to use with it.