SARGE 0.1.6

Finally! After an interim release as we switched over to Unity 2.0 a new stable build of SARGE is available that has TONS of new features and bug fixes (literally months of work). The big features are as follows:

2 or 3 new levels (depending on when you grabbed your last build).  We've got the pier environment, the holodeck, the testbed, an abstract area created as part of a tutorial, and another location on the USF campus.

What's even better is that these have all been rolled into a single application with a slick menu system that allows you to quickly start the arena you want and change the resolution and full screen mode without restarting the application.

We've also spent a lot of time fixing little bugs in the networking code that would pop up every now and then as well as make the networking more efficient in terms of bandwidth.

We've also created SARGEController - a Java convenience class that will allow you to quickly use your robot architecture with SARGE without worrying about any network code.

There is now a rudimentary time of day system in place, so the lighting changes over time. In the next release this will be much more powerful and integrated with the menu system.

Realtime shadowing works now! (except on terrains, the Unity team hasn't quite finished integrating the terrain system with the new lighting system)

Terrains with trees and bushes and grass are up and working now.  Check out the testbed and USF field areas and the lush green expanses around them.

See the changelog for more details, however this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Now that all of the basics are done we'll finally be adding the multi-player game modes, more robots, and operator tutorials.