new release

SARGE 0.2 Released

Well, it has been a few months and its time I release an updated version of SARGE. The main features of this release are an improved drive script for tracked vehicles as well as two new environments and a robot courtesy of University of Central Florida’s Team Performance Lab (UCF-TPL). Additionally, I’ve added a new user guide page to this site which is up-to-date for 0.2.

SARGE 0.1.8 Released

OK I just uploaded v. 0.1.8 which includes a few bug fixes, terrain shadows, and most importantly the Canesta range camera on the ATRVJr. It is deactivated by default because it uses a ton of bandwidth. Also get SARGEController 1.5 which includes functions to use the Canesta sensor.

SARGE v. 0.1.7 Released!

New Features

  • Multiplayer gaming works! You can run around with multiple Packbots and ... uh well, drive around. Scoring will be added in the next release.
  • More refined menus, in-game "pause" menu gives access to all menu items now.
  • Modified BuoyantSurface script so that it can be used for air as well as water so you can have wind that affects Rigidbodies. Right now this is also limited to BoxColliders.
  • Added a custom application icon for OSX.
  • Added music & global volume settings in the audio options menu.
  • Added a Packbot Scout model.
  • In game mode, the testbed building is populated with furniture.
  • USF Research Park has been added as an area for simulation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the LASER script where it started scanning on the right instead of the left. We try and emulate a SICK laser and SICK lasers start scanning on the left.
  • The ATRVJr. now has a command timeout at .5 seconds. You must send DRIVE commands more than 5 times per second to keep the vehicle in motion. You can adjust the timeout using the timeToStop variable on the Prefab. Set to 0 to disable autostop.
  • Refined the buoyancy model again, now use the BuoyantSurface script again along with multiple BoxColliders on your Rigidbodies. Also has a basic current model now. For large objects you may need to arrange your child colliders in a way that reduces the total volume since the mass limit is 10000. Perhaps we should refactor all Rigigbodies so that 1 unit of mass is 1 megagram? The units are only relative to other RBs anyway. For now I'm leaving it as 1 unit = 1 kg.
  • The moving sun has been disabled now for performance reasons. As soon as I figure out how to do the shadows a bit better and keep the FPS up with the moving sun, I'll turn it back on.

SARGE 0.1.6

New build, new features.... 0.1.6 has realtime shadows, SARGEController Java class, bug fixes, new models, & tons more! Read More...