SARGE 0.2 Released

Well, it has been a few months and its time I release an updated version of SARGE. The main features of this release are an improved drive script for tracked vehicles as well as two new environments and a robot courtesy of University of Central Florida’s Team Performance Lab (UCF-TPL). Additionally, I’ve added a new user guide page to this site which is up-to-date for 0.2.

SARGE 0.1.8 Released

OK I just uploaded v. 0.1.8 which includes a few bug fixes, terrain shadows, and most importantly the Canesta range camera on the ATRVJr. It is deactivated by default because it uses a ton of bandwidth. Also get SARGEController 1.5 which includes functions to use the Canesta sensor.

Fractal Path Analysis

Beginning work on fractal path tortuosity measure for ranking user skill level. Hope to have a basic version working for the next build.

Inuktun Extreme model is on the way.

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